High frequency software analysis to catch issues early…

Automatically assess and track your software products/components for Resiliency, Agility & Complexity.


Highlight for ISV’s

ISV’s use Highlight to continuously assess their software products to catch issues before QA and Testing, saving time & money

Highlight for Embedded Software

Companies that build software for embedded systems use Highlight to assess and track health across all components before delivery


Analyze The Health Of Your Products/Components

CAST Highlight enables you to quickly and objectively measure software health across your entire product/component portfolio. Using a distributed and painless process, you can have exclusive insight into application risk, agility and complexity.


Track Your Health Every Sprint/Release

Using CAST Highlight’s automated scanning process, users can trend their health factors by sprint or release, across all products/components. This “early warning system” will alert you if you’re headed in the wrong direction, catching the issue before it’s too late.


Fact-Based Analysis

CAST Highlight searches for hundreds of problematic code patterns and programming practices that reduces health and increases drag on your software. Resiliency, Agility, Code Elegance & Readability metrics gives you the facts about your software.


Identify Security Hotspots

CAST Highlight helps you identify security issues that your software may have before black hats get their hands on it. This version verifies if the frameworks and third-party libraries contain CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures) across 100K+ vulnerabilities referenced by MITRE and NIST.


Software Benchmarks

How is your software compared to industry peers? Highlight benchmarks your software against 2000+ anonymous applications. Compare “apples to apples” using more than a dozen benchmarking dimensions (e.g. technology, type or exposure, team skills and turnover ratio, total end-users, etc.).


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