Is your software
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Build the smartest application cloud migration roadmap with Highlight’s unprecedented application analytics…


Prioritize Cloud candidates based on technical & business impacts

Spot & fix the roadblocks that slow down your migration

Identify PaaS boosters to leverage Cloud’s intelligence

Track progress & monitor your Cloud journey over time


Build your smart Cloud Migration Roadmap with Fact-Based Software Analytics

Developed with some of the smartest cloud experts across the globe, Highlight helps you quickly and objectively assess your application portfolio for PaaS migration.  It automatically builds your migration strategy by identifying where to start, quick wins, and applications that will take longer to migrate.  Where a Cloud expert could spend weeks to measure the capability for a single application to move to PaaS, Highlight CloudReady makes it possible on the entire portfolio – in only days.


Spot software blockers that slow down your Cloud migration journey

Highlight scans 140 + different code patterns that make an application harder to migrate and run smoothly in the Cloud. Track issues like the use of COM components, usage of middleware, usage of system DLLs or impersonate identity – and monitor improvements over time. Currently supported technologies are Java, C#, VB.Net and T-SQL (PHP and Python coming very soon).


Identify boosters to PaaS

As Highlight spots impediments to move to the cloud, it also detects applications which already use and/or are the best candidates for PaaS services. CAST Highlight supports 60+ booster patterns detecting  PaaS services such as Redis, Elasticache, MongoDB, cloud-based active directory,  key vault, etc.


Assess business drivers, technical enablers and process maturity contributing to your Cloud Readiness

Part of your CloudReady score is built from a Cloud-focused series of questions, addressing different aspects of your applications and their respective business and organizational characteristics. Whether your application is a webapp or a back-end, your development team is DevOps or Waterfall, your Cloud migration could be drastically different. Learn where to improve.


Track your Cloud migration over time

A full cloud migration can take years.  Highlight tracks each application’s readiness for PaaS, both now and in the future.  See which applications are becoming more cloud-ready while targeting the applications that are going in the wrong direction. CAST Highlight lets you also figure out whether the trend is explained by code changes (new roadblocks introduced or new boosters implemented) or by application context changes (higher team maturity on cloud technologies, DevOps, continuous delivery, etc.).

What Cloud Experts say…

  • With CAST Highlight, organizations will easily detect the applications which are the best value-candidate to migrate to the cloud, but also those which will be easier to migrate thanks to the code-level analytics the solution brings.

    Samuel MetiasAgile & DevOps Lead at Microsoft
  • CAST Highlight should be of great help for any company that needs to migrate its application portfolio to the cloud.

    Stephane GoudeauCloud Architect at Microsoft
  • PaaS migration is the next evolution in cloud migration – and CAST Highlight is there to help.

    Eric HallCEO at HCG (Hartford Consulting Group)

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